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House Specialities


This dish is prepared with chef's own spice specialty, garlic, ginger and yoghurt - FAIRLY HOT.
From: £8.50


Succulent pieces of lamb prepared to medium strength, garnished with coriander and cashew nuts.
From: £8.50


This dish is cooked with Bangladeshi special chilli sauce - VERY, VERY HOT EXCITING FLAVOUR.
From: £8.50

Molee Pahar

Boneless char-grilled chicken with chef's own spices, garnished with mushrooms, green pepper & finely chopped coriander.
From: £8.50


Cooked in a creamy sauce of almonds, sweet yoghurt & spicy ground herbs.
From: £8.50

Tikka Makani

The tandoori is immersed in a delicious spiced, buttery sauce.
From: £8.50

Akbori Special Passanda

BBQ chicken, lamb & king prawns cooked in a creamy sauce of ground almonds, sweet yoghurt & spicy ground herbs. Exceptionally smooth in taste.


Cooked with garlic, fresh coriander & capsicum, sprinkled with chopped fresh garlic.
From: £8.50

Lahoree Mittas

This chicken dish is mild, creamy, nutty & fruity.
From: £8.50

Shalimar Karahi

Cooked in a karahi, with fresh capsicum, garlic, ginger & coriander, delicately flavoured with touch of cream - MEDIUM HOT.
From: £8.50

Deshi Massala

This dish is Chef's favourite and has a very strong tangy taste. Marinated pieces with fresh green chilli, jeera, methi, mint, garlic & ginger, garnished with coriander.


Prepared with onions, green peppers & fresh green chilli. This is a slightly hot, spicy dish full of flavour.
From: £8.50

Bengali Chilli Massala

A strong, hot dish with onions, green peppers, fried garlic and green chillies - HOT.

Rajahstani Bhuna

Beautiful dish with exquisite taste, made with spinach. Very rich flavour with fresh ginger, spring onion, fresh coriander & garlic.
From: £7.96

Special King Prawn Razala

Cooked with special herbs & beans.
From: £11.50


Cooked with strong spices, onions, green pepper, tomatoes & lemon juice. Garnished with spring onions & coriander.
From: £8.50

Fezun Jann

Cooked in fresh cream with ground cashew nuts and a touch of honey.
From: £8.50

Akbori Special Makani

Lightly marinated chicken, lamb, king prawns, delicately roasted in the tandoori then immersed in a spiced, buttery sauce.

Tandoori Butter Chicken

Tandoori chicken off the bone, cooked with butter, very smooth in taste, a favourite of the Maharani (Queen).

Dil Se Taste

Cooked in the tandoori oven then delicately re-cooked with garlic & whole green chillies. Sprinkled with fresh coriander.
From: £8.95

Special Murghi Massala

Tandoori chicken, off the bone cooked with chickpeas, minced lamb, garlic & ginger. Delicately flavoured with a touch of cream.


This dish is cooked with double strength sauce, thickened with tomato puree & garlic. Sprinkled with fresh coriander & fresh green salad.
From: £8.50


Cooked with a creamy sauce and topped with pineapple pilau rice - VERY TASTY.
From: £8.50

Jaltak Mirpuri

Selected spices of chef's choice to strengthen the heat of this dish, served with chilli sauce.
From: £8.50

Katta Mitta

Hot, sweet, & sour. Chef's own special recipe garnished with coriander.
From: £8.50


Delicious dish which gives you an aromatic taste. Sweet & spicy - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
From: £8.50

Uttar Bengal Massala

This dish is marinated in spice then cooked in sauce with saag & chickpeas. FOR EXTRA BITE ASK FOR GREEN CHILLIES.

Tandoori Garlic Chilli Chicken

Boneless tandoori chicken cooked with olive oil, ginger, garlic & green chillies in a hot thick sauce.

Garlic Shagorana

Cooked with a sauce of fresh herbs, garlic, tomatoes & onions.
From: £8.95